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“Hello Valori, In a few days two of your beautiful paintings will be delivered to my home. I purchased them at Giacobbe-Fritz Gallery on Canyon Road, Santa Fe. They are some of the quiet and strong old hand tools. Can’t wait to share with friends. Thanks for sharing your incredible talent.”

— Lee Christiansen, Senior Art Director, Target 2018



"Dear Valori, Thank you so very much for the little photo and early sketch of the painting that you made for my surprise birthday gift. I do not know who to thank first; my wife who found you and came up with the idea, or you the artist who produced such a remarkable painting! I want to tell you how exceptional your painting is. In addition to the initial shock of receiving such an unusual gift, by some almost magic talent you have captured not only an image of these two pets, but their souls. Everyone who has seen this work has commented on the depth of feeling that it conveys. Many have never seen the dogs in person, but after studying their portraits they came away with a lasting impression of Andy and Lucy. Thank you so very much for making so magnificent a painting. Carolyn and I shall continue to feel delighted and impressed with your skills whenever we look at it!”

— Philip Wyatt, Wyatt Technologies, Santa Barbara, California 2012

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“Valori the portrait you did of Isabelle is so beautiful and special to me. It is my favorite material possession!”

— Kitty White, Birmingham, Alabama 2007

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“Dear Valori, Thanks for your kind letter and all the information in it. Your description of the artistic process and all that’s involved are remarkable. Mason, Caroline and I are so appreciative of your kindness and extraordinary talent and end effort that you invested in these masterpieces. They will hang in a place of honor at White Oaks, and we invite you to visit us anytime you are in Atlanta.”

— Jimmy Adams, The Adams Companies, Atlanta, Georgia 2005

"Valori, Thank you so much for the beautiful portrait. Sara and I are both thrilled! We look forward to enjoying the work for years to come.”

— John McDonald, Integra Water, Birmingham, Alabama 2016




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