Photo by  Jen Huang

Photo by Jen Huang


When I teach it is my goal to draw out of the artists the expression they wish to voice, to act as their guide, to teach them to see and to understand what they are seeing in the context of composition and harmonious relationships. I want my students to be free, unencumbered by what they think they should do and allow their inner voice to speak.

In drawing classes this is accomplished by working large (c.42×36”) and very fast. It’s an unconventional approach but experience has proven that it opens people’s minds and gives them access to their creativity. Every drawing starts with the gesture while progressing from 30 second to twenty minute poses. Students generally leave my classes feeling happy because they connect to their deepest levels feeling both excited and at peace.

My teaching is rooted in traditional practices. I believe very deeply that foundational knowledge is critical to the structure of good art. In my classes students learn about values, relationships, harmony, use of the page, line quality and rhythm as well as self awareness.

We work from a live figure model and the skeleton. Human anatomy is critical to comprehending the form and creating a sculptural, formful drawing on paper. I give demonstrations in most classes to actively show students how a drawing can start and develop.

Each class concludes with a group critique at which time every student has a chance to review the skills they have learned during that class and discuss the concepts as expressed in the work of others.

These classes are given at the Schott Center in Santa Barbara. They are three hours in length with a ten minute break every twenty five minutes. We have a different figure model every week. Beginners to advanced.

Photo by  Jen Huang

Photo by Jen Huang


Painting classes work with a model in a repeated setting from week to week. Most paintings are completed in four to six weeks of three hour classes. Plentiful one to one guidance is given about likeness, composition, color mixing and the general mechanics of painting. We cover support, ground, paints, mediums and overall best practices in painting.

These classes are small and intimate with a committed company of painters. Beginners to advanced.

These classes are given in a private studio.

Upcoming GROUP Classes

Group instruction with individual attention in a small private setting in Santa Barbara. Learn about palette and values for skin, color harmonies and shape relationships, supports, mediums and brushes.

Investment: $425

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available on an hourly basis - please contact Valori via the contact form.


A comprehensive list of classroom supplies and tools can be found here. A list of classroom rules is available upon request.


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